International Sales


WELCOME TO TECHNO-AIDE!  Thank you for your interest in Techno-Aide. We want you to have the very best experience possible while working with us and we are committed to delivering the best service to you - our international partner.  For over 48 years we have supplied a full line of top quality products to the radiology and medical imaging community and we are pleased to offer our products and services to you. Our international business is based on long-term relationships, a detailed understanding of our clients needs, and a reputation for being reliable and dependable.

We have shipped radiology accessory products and protective apparel to over 85 countries.

We manufacture twelve distinct lines of innovative imaging accessories:

  • Protective apparel which includes our Lead-Free apron line and protective glasses!
  • Shielding and Barriers
  • Transportation: Wheelchairs and stretchers
  • General imaging accessories for: Analog, CR, DR, and specialty areas like Mammography, Pediatrics, and Bariatric imaging.
  • Ultrasound and MRI accessories
  • Patient handling accessories which includes sponges & sandbags, table pads and immobilizers.
  • X-ray & Skin Markers for digital and analog exams 
  • Darkroom & viewing accessories for analog systems
  • Filing systems which includes paper products and file carts / cabinets
  • Image Support including our digital imaging support carts
  • FUSION ergonomic furniture, workstations and premier seating
  • Veterinary radiology accessories

The Techno-Aide product catalog is published once a year and is widely distributed throughout the United States and Canada. That's why our brand recognition is very high and should make your sales efforts much easier.  As with all our valued dealers, these catalogs are also available to you as a key sales tool for your success. We also have an impressive website that is easy to use and tailored for our dealer's success. A digital version of our catalog is available online without pricing. Click Here.  

Techno-Aide dealers are issued  unique sign in password for our website where you can: 

  1. View list prices and access your dealer net prices for all our products  
  2. Download sales sheets/flyers for individual products 
  3. Download Spec sheets / Installation sheets / and MSDS
  4. See multiple photo images not seen in the catalog
  5. View all our "NEW" products as they come available in the "NEW" tab and not have to wait for the next years catalog.
  6. Can view our entire product line from your IPad right in front of your customers - real time!
  7. View all our apparel, table drapes, and mobile shields in the colors that your customer wants.  

To protect our existing distributor partners, Techno-Aide requires all prospective distributors to complete the enclosed distributor application.  To be considered as a distributor of Techno-Aide products, we ask that you have an authorized officer of your company complete, sign and return a distributor application.  Once your distributor application is approved, we can provide distributor pricing.

All international transactions are governed by specific pro forma invoice.  Our standard international payment terms are cash in advance in $US dollars upon placement of order, via wire transfer to our US bank account.  A wiring instruction sheet will be provided once you are an established dealer for Techno-Aide.

Federal Express is our preferred shipping partner, and/or we can ship world-wide per your instructions.  Drop shipments direct to your customers are also available.  Our common delivery terms are freight pre-paid from our location, or Techno-Aide partner locations, with freight charges added to your invoice. Freight collect and 3rd party collect shipping terms using your preferred freight provider are also available.  Our pro forma invoice will not include any applicable duties, taxes, and or transfer fees, all of which are your responsibility.  For pre-paid and add freight shipments, we will provide a freight quote after we receive your quote request or order, and include this estimate on the pro forma invoice

We pride ourselves at being very easy to work with and we are very service and quality oriented.  In fact, our customers tell us that we back every product with the best customer service in the industry.  We are always a phone call or an email away for quotes, technical assistance, sales help, or special requests.

Once again, we appreciate your interest in our products.  If you have any questions regarding the process of application, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to partnering with you for international sales.

Begin the process now to become a dealer using our International Dealer Application.