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January 2017

Top 6 Trends Impacting CT Market Growth

Data Security is Part of Radiology Patient Safety

Radiologists are Positioned to Detect Elder Abuse

December 2016

Don’t Miss Techno-Aide’s End of Year Clearance Sale!

What Does “Patient-Centered Care” Mean for Radiology?

Never Forget About Scatter Radiation

Working in Radiology and Finding Time for the Holidays

New Items in the Techno-Aide Catalog

How to Bring Diversity to the Radiology Workforce

Gifts and Stocking Stuffers for the Radiologist in Your Life

November 2016

Important Innovations for Radiology in 2017

Did Medicaid Cuts Result in Fewer Radiology Visits?

What Will the Trump Administration Mean For Radiology?

Lead Gloves Save Radiographic Technologists During Interventional Procedures

Dose Creep is a Bigger Problem Than the Industry Wants to Admit (Part 2)

October 2016

Dose Creep is a Bigger Problem Than the Industry Wants to Admit (Part 1)

New Techno-Aide Table Pads (Part 2)

New Table Pads From Techno-Aide! (Part 1)

MRI Sandbags and X-Ray Sponges For Patient Positioning

Techno-Aide’s NEW Sandbags - Positioning and MRI Safety

Techno-Aide and National Manufacturing Week 2016

September 2016

Radiology’s Advances in Alzheimer’s Research

Hey Radiology! Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Week is Coming Up

Protective Laser Glasses from Techno-Aide

Techno-Aide’s Reminder for Fall Prevention

Safety Factors for Prostate Cancer as Radiology Diagnostics Improve

Radiologic Technologists May Be at Elevated Risk For Cancer

Radiology’s Role in Preventing Sports-Related Brain Injuries

Radiology’s Role in Reducing Health Care-Related Infections

August 2016

Changes in Patient Communication for Improved Care

Have you updated your positioning sponges?

Protect the Irreplaceable with Safety Goggles from Techno-Aide

A New Way to Look at Breast Cancer

Techno-Aide and Your Custom Radiology Needs

Get Everything You Need with Our Bundle Kits

July 2016

MRI Safety Week is July 25-29, Part 2

MRI Safety Week is July 25-31!

Presenteeism and Safety in the Radiology Department

Virtual Reality: Saving Lives Between Radiology and Surgery

June 2016

The FDA Just Approved a New Radioactive Agent for Diagnostic Imaging

Radiology’s Changing Relationship with Tobacco and Smoking Diseases

How Do X-Rays and CT Scans Actually Work?

New Radioactive Elements Discovered, and Techno-Aide’s Work for Radiation Safety

Radiologist and Radiologic Technologists Do Best When They Communicate Well

Radiology’s Talent Shortage and the Growing Importance of Radiologic Technologists

Superbugs and Diagnostic Imaging. Should You and Your Patients Be Worried?

What Does Machine Learning Mean for Radiology Jobs and Practice?

Radiation Safety Isn’t All About Protective Apparel: Overscreening for Cancer

May 2016

Techno-Aide and American Manufacturing: Carrying on a Declining Tradition

Techno-Aide’s “Made in America” Status Matters

Techno-Aide, Zika Virus, Living in the South, and Radiology

Is Ionizing Radiation Used In CT Scans Really Safe for Children

Increasing the Safety of CT Scans Through Software

Quality Control: Protecting and Inspecting Techno-Aide Lead Aprons

How Techno-Aide’s Apron Hub Can Take Lead Apron Quality Control to the Next Level

How Communication Breakdown is Bad News for Radiology Safety

Mobile Healthcare for Prison Populations: Techno-Aide Can Get You Ready

April 2016

How Nashville’s Techno-Aide Went from Cottage Industry to International Supplier

A Quick Guide to Techno-Aide’s Lead Apron Varieties

Techno-Aide and Radiation Safety for Children

Techno-Aide Manufactures its Own Products: 3 Benefits for You

Spring Cleaning for Your Protective Apparel Inventory

Scatter Radiation and Prostate Cancer: Putting Patients’ Minds at Ease

3 Ways to Personalize Your Radiology Accessories with Techno-Aide

Are Lead Aprons Just Too Heavy For You? Alternatives from Techno Aide

March 2016

Techno Aide Provides Fast Shipping on the Best Radiation Safety Apparel

Radiology Safety for Mobile Imaging

Special Customization Option for Techno Aide X-ray Markers!

Spinal Body Wedges: One Great Positioning Sponge, Two Handy Models

A Techno-Aide X-Ray Marker Isn’t Just an X-Ray Marker

Zika Virus and Your Radiology Department

Stealth Cote: A Positioning Sponge That Won’t Slip

5 Reasons Why it’s Time to Try a Techno Aide Stealth Sponge

A Stretcher Isn’t Just a Stretcher With Techno-Aide (Part 2 of 2)

A Stretcher Isn’t Just a Stretcher With Techno-Aide (Part 1 of 2)

February 2016

Techno-Aide’s Advice for Calming Patients’ Radiation Anxiety

Techno-Aide and Advances in Dental Radiation Safety

Techno-Aide’s 5 Rules for Safety and Protection in Radiology (Without Sounding Like a Broken Record)

Highlighting Some of the Radiology Accessories in Techno Aide’s Catalogue

Need Fast Shipping? Techno-Aide Can Provide NEXT DAY Delivery on Lead Aprons

Make Techno-Aide Your One-Stop Sponge Shop

Techno-Aide Can Outfit a New You in the New Year

Techno-Aide’s Apron Hub for Efficiency and Safety

January 2016

New Year, Fresh Start. Get Organized with Techno Aide!

Taking the Extra Time for Radiation Safety and Protection

Why Aren’t There More Women in Radiology?

Trends for Radiology in 2016

How Radiation Technologists Can Improve the Patient Experience

When to Scan: Techno-Aide, USPSTF Standards, and Lung Cancer

Maintaining a High Standard of Patient Safety

100 Years of the RSNA and the Continuing History of Radiologic Technology

December 2015

Stealth Sponges: The Solution to an Old Problem

The Growing Importance of Quality Products for Veterinary Radiology

Blow Those Budget Leftovers on Radiology Basics!

Stealth Positioning Sponges for Unprecedented Imaging Clarity

Better CT Patient Handling Equipment Makes All the Difference, Part 2

Better CT Patient Handling Equipment Makes All the Difference, Part 1

How to Clean and Store Your X-Ray Aprons

November 2015

Affordable Ultrasound Tables For Your Budget

Choose the Right Protection for Scatter Radiation

Looking Ahead to the 101st RSNA Conference

Radiology and the NFL: Imaging NFL Players

Free Your Budget and Treat Your Facility With These Five Items

Eight of the Very Best Mammography Accessories

Celebrating the International Day of Radiology

The X-Ray Trauma Stretcher Changes How We Image Trauma Patients

Mobile Radiation Shields - A Perfect Solution for Scatter Radiation

October 2015

Two Must-Read Resources for Mammography Practitioners

How Safe Are Your Hands from Scatter Radiation?

The X-Ray Trauma Stretcher Changes How We Image Trauma Patients

Some Great Simple Tips to Reduce Scatter Radiation Exposure

Preparing Your Medical Facility for Flu Season

Let’s Learn About Scatter Radiation Protection!

The Best Protective Radiation Eyewear for Scatter Radiation

Keep Track of X-Ray Apron Safety with ApronHub

Have a Wheelchair Ready for Every Situation

September 2015

LED Lights Prove Invaluable in Medical Settings

X-Ray Markers Have Come a Long Way

Observing Fall Prevention Awareness Week in 2015

Stop MRI Accidents With Better Screening Devices

Sizing Up Protective Table Drapes

Protective Table Drapes - A Perfect Solution for Scatter Radiation

One-Of-A-Kind Radiolucent Positioning Sponges

Cutting Through the Noise of MRI

August 2015

The Biggest Bang For Your Buck With Bundles!

Use Bariatric Accessories For All Of Your Larger Patients

How Safe Are Your Hands From Radiation Exposure?

The Magic of Marker Mates

MRI and Anxiety - the Technologist’s Perspective

MRI and Anxiety - the Patient’s Perspective

Keep Up With CT Advances By Trying These CT Accessories

Step Up Your Game With These MRI Accessories

July 2015

New Radiology Accessories That Are Making Waves

Observing MRI Safety Week in 2015

How Clean is Your Workstation?

Get Your X-Ray Aprons Now With Quick Ship

Stretchers For Any and All Medical Situations, Part 2

Stretchers For Any and All Medical Situations, Part 1

Improving Patient Experience - 3 Rules For Interpersonal Patient Care

Improving Patient Experience - Offering Patients A Better Atmosphere

June 2015

Techno-Aide Dealers: We Equip You With The Tools You Need

Making Medical Procedures Fun for the Kids

Positioning Sponges for Painless Phlebotomy

Seeing the Future of Eye Protection in Your Workplace

Half Aprons, Whole Lots of Protection

Patient Handling Accessories Reflect How Much You Care

Improve Your View With These Stellar Exam and Desk Lamps

Stop Radiation Exposure to Your Legs With Table Drapes!

May 2015

LED Exam Lights Are Awesome. Here’s Why...

The Best Gonadal Shielding for Pelvic X-Ray Procedures

Offer Your Patients the Best Mobile X-Ray Shields

Protective Apparel For Pregnant Technologists

The Best Breast Shielding Options For Your Facility

Patient Handling Accessories You Just Can’t Do Without

X-Ray Shielding Made For Your Dental Office

Getting the Perfect Size For Your X-Ray Apron

April 2015

Have You Tried Our Artifact-Free Sponges Yet?

Simplify Your Life With ApronHub

Have You Updated Your Radiation Glasses Lately?

The Perfect Clinical Chair For Long Medical Procedures

Avoid These Common Problems With Our Amazing Skin Markers

Shedding Some Light On Your Facility with Our LED Lighting

Mark Every Occasion With Our Radiology Skin Markers

Have a Seat - or Have All of These Seats!

Stop Secondary Radiation Before It Goes to Your Head!

March 2015

Rock Steady with Patient Head Immobilizers

Pick Your Own Thyroid Protection

Get the Job Done Right the First Time With These Mammography Markers

Don’t Be Caught in an Emergency Without Wheelchairs

Preventing Patient Falls in Medical Facilities

Stopping the Long Reach of C-Arm Radiation

Higher Quality Skin Markers for Higher Quality Testing

Weighing the Options of Lead and Non-Lead Aprons

8 Must-Own Accessories for Mobile Imaging

February 2015

Bariatric Supplies You Can’t Do Without

Sports Related Injuries and Radiology’s Growing Role in the NFL

Valuable Resources for X-Ray Storage

Addressing Concerns Over the Recent Measles Outbreak

These New Products Will Keep You Current!

Stop the Spread of Germs with Receptor Covers

Radiology Cassettes - A Hidden Source of Infection

A Look at the Joint Commission Guidelines for MRI

January 2015

Apron Bundles - A Smart Buy for Traveling Technologists

Institute a “Protect Your Eyes Day” For Your Workplace

MRI-Safe Radiation Shields - Perfect For Hybrid Imaging

Good Pediatric Imaging Requires Good Pediatric Accessories

Helpful Habits for Longer Lasting X-Ray Aprons

Previewing Our Featured Players

Warm Blankets Offer More Than Just Comfort

Solving the Artifact Problem with Our New Sponges

Leaving Our Footprint on Radiology Sponges

December 2014

Bundle Up for the Year’s End

Changing the Positioning Sponge Paradigm

Cleaning X-Ray Aprons for a Longer Life

A New Angle For Looking At Positioning Aids

Consider Advancing Your Positioning Aids at The Year’s End

Radiolucent Positioning Sponges are a Game Changer

3 Reasons You’ll Love Our New Artifact-Free Positioning Sponges

A New Breed of Positioning Sponges

Positioning Aids That Every MRI Room Should Have

November 2014

Radiology and the Fight Against Ebola

Sandbags are a Perfect Year-End Investment

Protect Yourself From C-arm Scatter Radiation - Part 2

How to Protect Yourself From Exposure to Scatter Radiation - Part 1

All the Wonderful Ways to Shield Your Thyroid

Preparing for the Fight Against Ebola

Put an End to Wheelchair Theft

National Radiologic Technologist Week and the Women Who Brought Us Here

Leading the Pack on Apron Lead Times

October 2014

Mammography Bundles For All the Accessories

Wheelchairs - The Most Important Form of Patient Transportation (Part 2)

Wheelchairs - The Most Important Form of Patient Transportation (Part 1)

Keeping A Careful Eye on Radiation Protection

A Pair of Protective Eyewear for Every Technologist

Seeing Pink During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We’ve Got Your Back On Protective Aprons

Observe Breast Cancer Awareness Month With These Accessories

Foresight Saves Eyesight: Discover our Protective Eyewear

Choose a Better Pair of Protective Glasses

September 2014

Picking the Perfect X-Ray Apron

Is Radiation Putting You at Risk for Eye Disease?

Protective X-Ray Apparel for the Neck Up

Radiology Tech News

True Wipes - The Perfect Cleaning Wipe for Medical Imaging Screens

How to Make Sure Your X-Ray Apron Lives a Longer Life

Get a Grip on Hand Protection

Big Ways to Protect Small Children From Radiation

August 2014

How to Protect When You’re Expecting - Pregnancy and Radiation

Deluxe Mobile T Base Shields - A Utility Player for Your Facilities

Suiting Up for Protection from C-arm Scatter Radiation

Bundle Up With Our Protection Kits

No More Sticky X-Ray Marker Situations Thanks to the Marker Mate!

The Do’s and Don’ts of X-Ray Apron Care

When Lead Aprons are Weighing You Down, Try the Alternatives Instead

Stay Comfortable During Long X-Ray Procedures

July 2014

If the X-Ray Apron Doesn't Fit, Don't Wear It

Observing MRI Safety Week