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How long has it been since you've updated your x-ray markers? Markers have evolved leaps and bounds over recent years and if you haven't looked into all of the different varieties that are available in today's market, you might be surprised at just how far things have come. At Techno-Aide, we've not only kept the pace with all of the marker advances, we've stayed ahead of the game. This is why our customers know that they can trust us to fill any imaging marker need that they might have. Lead x-ray markers, wafer thin markers, ruler x-ray markers - this is just the beginning of what you can find in our catalogue. Let's take a look at some of the biggest crowd pleasers.


Classic Elite Markers - These classic left/right markers are an industry standard, but the reliability and variety of these radiation markers have grown to fit the needs of every imaginable imaging procedure. They are incredibly durable and leave behind the clearest identification possible. Our beaded markers will help indicate the patient position for easy reference. Get markers with or without initials, arrows or beads. Need two lines of initials or numbers? No problem. We have a marker for every radiology requirement.


Clip Markers - Clips are a wonderful solution for portable imaging when attaching a marker to a cassette. Our digital clipper markers are built with high strength Kydex, with tapered ends to ensure the tightest grip possible. If you've found yourself trying to find creative ways to attach a marker onto an imaging plate or plate with a grid cap, consider the time you would save with a new and improved clip x-ray marker.


Wafer Thin Markers - Wafer thin markers boast easy bucky clearance and are ideal for use with newer digital equipment. Get traditional left/right, ruler, arrow or word markers in the wafer thin style. If you're working with higher KvP or want a marker capable of being used in a broad range of KvP, these copper filtered markers are a great solution. Let's take a look at some more of our copper filtered markers.


Copper Backing - In situations where you'll be using higher KV settings, you'll need a marker that can keep up, which is why copper filtered x-ray markers are the perfect choice. We offer these radiation markers with or without initials, traditional left/right options, words or arrows. Consider buying a set of elite markers, which come with one set of copper filtered markers and one standard set.


Marker Mates - One of the biggest problems facing technologists when it comes to lead x-ray markers is the fact that they're constantly falling off during a procedure. This is why our Marker Mates have become so popular. They leave behind no residue and keep a marker in place. You can now put away your roll of tape for good! Marker Mates are about to become one of your favorite tools.

Whatever type of marker you need, trust that Techno-Aide has it waiting for you. Consider buying more than one style to make sure you've got every type of identifier that you might need. For all of your radiology accessories, come see what we can offer you to make your job a little easier


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